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Discovery Phase

Initial period of data collection and analysis, as well as review of existing planning documents, projects, policy frameworks, assets and opportunities.  This phase kicked off in September 2018 and was completed later that fall.

Desire Phase

Robust public participation including a series of engagement activities, meetings, and workshops with community members, county and city leadership, and stakeholders to determine the community’s vision and goals, as well as strengths and opportunities in the current transportation system.

The phase wrapped up with a great community pop-up event during the December 2018 Art Walk.  Survey results are still being collected for use in the final needs assessment.

Design Phase

As we moved into the design phase in early spring 2019 we began to generate project ideas, develop and evaluate scenarios and potential outcomes, and establish a framework for transportation spending and prioritization.

The height of our design phase was a community charrette held at Casper College March 12-14, 2019.  Topics included:

  • Growth scenarios
  • Potential redevelopment areas including Casper’s downtown area and the Mills riverfront
  • Trail network analysis
  • Public transit
  • Safety zones
  • Congestion

The design phase should wrap up this summer, and we will host another series of public meetings to present the analysis and preliminary recommendations.

Documentation Phase

The team will synthesize all information gathered and developed throughout the planning process, and build project priorities based on community and stakeholder feedback. Recommendations will be presented as a phased and prioritized implementation plan in five-year increments going to the year 2048.

The plan will deliver strategies and concepts for providing a safe, efficient, convenient and cost-effective transportation system, all while building attractive gateways to the area and meeting the goals established in the discovery and desire phases.

A draft report will be prepared in late summer 2019 and the expected project completion is October 2019.